Hello, farm friends!

It’s been a busy spring, but now that the the seeds are scattered, the cattle are ensconced in the pasture and the chicks are camped out in the coop, I thought I’d sit down and give you guys an update on some of the things we’ve been up to in lieu of updating our website…

We decided to try frost seeding the pasture this year. We had a weekend set aside for the project, but when the scheduled time rolled around, thee snow on the ground could still be measured in feet. We decided to put it off another week.

Spring may have been late, but boy did it ever make up for lost time. The morning we started seeding, the pasture was still covered in over a foot of snow. By evening, most of it had melted. Here’s a hot tip learned from experience: if you’re planning to spend the day tromping through the snow in short sleeves, wear sunscreen. A hat will not cut it. That radiation is coming at you from every direction.


We did get the whole pasture seeded, though, and we fixed the fence and the water, and generally set up a warm welcome for this year’s steers. After several weather-related setbacks, we finally got the last of our steers delivered at the end of may.

We wrangled the cattle into the pasture with a minimum of adventure, and they made themselves right at home. The ground was still pretty soft from the rain, though, and the trucker got stuck on the way out. We hooked up the little tractor, and scattered gravel for traction, but all in vain. Fortunately, our neighbor has a big tractor, and he was kind enough to bring it over and rescue us.


We’d hoped to get the rolling coop finished in time for this year’s chicks, but now we laugh bitterly at our naive former selves. Ha. Ha. We did find a nice piece of running gear to build the thing on, though. In the meantime, we have a few chicks set up in the old coop, which we had repurposed as a tool shed, then re-repurposed as a chicken coop, then re-re-repurposed as a tool shed. Now it’s a chicken coop again. What can I say? Nature is cyclical.

Well, that’s the big news, anyway. We’re still here, in this place where we are blessed to be. I plan to start updating this blog more regularly, so do tune in from time to time!


Marie Kilde

Kildegaard Farm



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