Rolling Coop Part 1


Yes, I know what you’re thinking. “When did Marie become a cyberpunk?”

Okay, so maybe I don’t know what you’re thinking.

Anyway, while I do appreciate a little cyberpunk from time to time, in this case the mask isn’t just a fashion accessory. I picked up this only-slightly-rusty running gear over at Smith Auction, and cleaning it up is the first step in the construction of a ROLLING CHICKEN COOP OF AWESOME! (Other possible names include “The Chick Wagon” and “The Heart of Gold.” I make no excuses.)

We’re hoping to have the coop finished in time for next season’s chickens, so that we can run them through the pasture after the cattle as natural de-thatchers, manure spreaders, fly control, and fertilizer. The system is modeled after Joel Salatin’s incredible work at Polyface Farms, and we’re excited to see how it works out at Kildegaard!

I’ll post updates here as the project unfolds, so stay tuned for drama and adventure!


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