A Little Farm History


Dad was rooting through some old papers the other day, and one of the things he unearthed was a Kildegaard Farm brochure that mom designed in the early 90’s. Here’s a quote from  the brochure:

“Kildegaard’s mission is to farm in a way that demonstrates the best of these interwoven social and environmental values:

  • Care and appreciation for the earth and all its wonders
  • Environmentally and economically sustainable family scale agriculture
  • Humane treatment of livestock
  • The preservation of agricultural biodiversity
  • Education of the eating public and dialogue with fellow farmers
  • The production of safe, healthy, wholesome food for people”

A few things have changed since dad wrote that mission statement in ’91. Fence lines and forest edges have shifted. We built a house. My sister and I, still unborn when those words were first printed, are now stepping up to the wheel. Still, after decades of change, our mission is still the same: agriculture that’s good for people, animals, and the environment.

The illustrations for the brochure were done by Evy Abrahamson.

Wow, the nostalgia is getting a little thick in here. Maybe I should open a window.

Seriously, though, I was thrilled to discover this thing. Getting the farm enterprise restarted has been a pretty daunting project, with the usual number of misadventures and sticky problems. This brochure makes me feel less like I’m trying to start a stubborn fire, and more like I’m picking up a torch.

Also, I’ve been inspired to make a brochure for the 2018 season. I haven’t got mom’s professional expertise, but I’ll do my best. If I survive the attempt, I’ll post the finished product here on this blog.


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