‘Tis the Season to Order Your Beef

That’s right, folks! Want to escape the heat, humidity and blood-sucking insects? Why not grab an iced beverage, settle down with your favorite communication device, and order some lovely, delicious beef? Four of our eight beasts are already sold, so don’t dilly-dally! A scrumptious year of juicy steaks, tender roasts, and savory hamburgers awaits you!

Our favorite beef roast recipe. Why? Because we get to set it on fire!

2018 Price List

Beef by Hanging Weight* (Combined orders are priced as the total order.  Find a friend. Browbeat a family member. Save $$)

By the ¼ steer        $4.25/lb.

By the side (1/2 steer)    $4.00/lb

Whole steer and above    $3.75/lb.

* New to this way of buying beef?  OK, “hanging weight” is how much a beef carcass weighs at the time it is halved and hung in the cooler to age and dry.  It is usually about 60% of the live weight. What you end up with in your freezer has a lot to do with how you want the beef processed once aged and ready for final cutting or processing as dried beef, summer sausage, hot dogs or whatever you choose.

For questions, to request more information, or to reserve your beef, email Peter or Marie Kilde at kildegaardbeef@gmail.com or call (715) 441-0191.


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