Update on the Rolling Chicken Cottage

The running gear is sanded, painted, and ready to go! I’m excited to start building!


I just keep finding more sources of inspiration for this project. Joel Salatin’s amazing work at Polyface Farms was the main source for the Rolling Chicken Cottage idea, but lots of farmers are making really cool innovations in agriculture right now. For example, dad and I just recently found out about The Main Street Project, which is pioneering a new model of chicken-based regenerative agriculture. Their chicken habitats have really got my brain gears turning.

Now I just have to figure out how to wreak terrible vengeance on coexist with the huge raccoon who’s been hanging around the coop. Hmm.

Our current chicken coop. Hopefully we’ll have the Rolling Cottage finished in time for next year’s chickens, and this coop can begin its exciting new career as a tool shed.

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