Adventures in Silvopasture

A couple of weeks ago, while bringing in a wagon-load of firewood from the north pasture, I glanced over at the fence and saw this:


A Bitternut Hickory nut, impaled on a barb. “Huh,” thought I, “that’s wild. I’ve never seen that happen before.” I pointed it out to my dad, who agreed that it was wild, and who also had never seen that happen before. Then we went back to loading firewood.

So a few days later I was in the south pasture, moving the cattle into a new paddock. I glanced over at the fence, and saw this:


Yeah. I know.

Silvopasture (it’s complicated, but basically, pasturing animals under trees) has many benefits, including shade and diverse fodder for animals, habitat for beneficial insects and other wild critters, and carbon sequestration*. Apparently, it also generates bizarre, tree-related coincidences.**

Happy fall, folks!***


*My source for this information is Steve Gabriel’s fabulous book Silvopasture.

**Unless someone’s messing with my data. But Katherine swears she didn’t do it.

***Yes, it’s here. No sense trying to deny it.


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