LICO2e™ / RICO2e™

KILDEGAARD – LICO2e™ / RICO2e™ Collaborative

Kildegaard strives to walk-the-talk on the bleeding-edge of environmental and socially responsible agriculture.  In other words, we are committed to restorative and regenerative agricultural practices that are disruptive in favor of the local economy and long term resilience of our community and region. We are proud to be working with the St. Croix Institute (SCI) and  LICO2e™– a public benefit corporation – committed to establishing a national movement and opportunity for LICO2e and RICO2e ‘Locally Invested Carbon Offsets,’ and ‘Regionally Invested Carbon Offsets.’

Our collaborative partnership is the first of its kind in the country that we know of to bring a carbon-negative model for rotationally grazed beef to the local and regional marketplace, for which soil carbon sequestration can be tracked and invested in by customers seeking to help us push the climate change needle back where it belongs. As our customer, you can be proud to know that you are not only purchasing some of the best beef around, but contributing to urgent climate change solutions in your own back yard.

For more on the St Croix Institute (llc) and LICO2e™ (gbc), please explore the following:<><>

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