Okay, How Do I Get The Beef?

It’s pretty simple.  Just send an email (kildegaardbeef@gmail.com), or call/text (715)-441-0191, and place your order for 1/4, 1/2, or a full steer.  Your beef will be inspected and processed at Sailer’s Meats in Elmwood, Wisconsin sometime in mid-October.  (Sailer’s is an absolutely first rate, five generation meat processing facility just a few miles south of Kildegaard and about an hour from St. Paul, MN)  Once your order is ready to be processed, Sailer’s will call you and ask you exactly how you want your final beef products: how thick you want your steaks, how much hamburger you choose vs. other cuts, and if you want any specialty products.  (Another great advantage to buying bulk beef direct like this is that you truly get to have it your way.) They will call you again when your order has been packed and frozen.  Then you will have two weeks to pick it up at Sailer’s, or you can make other arrangements with us for getting it to you.

Like most direct marketers of beef, Kildegaard prices its beef by “hanging weight,” which is about 60% of the “live weight” of the steer.  The final product, or “yield,” can vary some based on which cuts you choose, any specialty products you might want, cooler hang time, etc. The different characteristics of each animal affect the yield as well.

By the ¼ steer        $4.25/lb.

By the side (1/2 steer)    $4.00/lb

Whole steer and above    $3.75/lb.

(Combined orders are priced as the total order.  Find a friend. Browbeat a family member. Save $$)

Based on a 1100 lb. liveweight steer, hanging weight would be around 660 lbs, ½ = 330, ¼ = 165.  Again, these are estimates. This price includes inspection and processing through the time the steer is halved and hung in the cooler. All processing costs beyond this point are the customer’s responsibility, and are to be paid directly to Sailor’s when the meat is picked up. Standard cut processing and packaging costs $0.65/lb., and there is an additional charge for custom products made from your beef, like garlic summer sausage (worth it!), smoked beef, beef stix and the like.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.